Monolithic Coating
Louisiana, Florida, and Texas
Professional Monolithic Roofing System Louisiana, Florida, and Texas
A monolithic roofing system involves a multi-layer coating of highly waterproof compounds that are sprayed onto an existing roof in liquid form. These compounds are then reinforced with tough polyester fabrics and finally surfaced with a durable and energy-saving reflective top layer. Unlike other roofing systems that rely on individual tiles, shingles, or panels that are fastened together, a monolithic roof system is 100% adhered to the substrate without the need for seams, fasteners or adhesives of any kind. This means the building’s roof is enveloped by a continuous, seamless, monolithic membrane.
Free Roof Inspection For Our Customers
A thorough inspection by a member of our team of monolithic roofing professionals can help you determine the best option for your flat roof.

Monolithic Roof Replacement Louisiana, Florida, and Texas

Since monolithic roof coatings can work with most existing flat roof systems, installation is easy and very cost-effective. The coatings used in these roof systems are called “elastomeric.” This means that a monolithic roof coating can stretch and shrink back to its original form when temperatures change, offering greater protection for your roof (and your business) year-round.
Tailor-Made Monolithic Roofing System Louisiana, Florida, and Texas
Our monolithic system covers and waterproofs all of those hard to reach areas that are difficult to waterproof including, pipes, drains, walls, HVAC equipment, and anything else that needs protection from outside elements.

Monolithic Roof Repair Louisiana, Florida, and Texas

As tough as monolithic roof coatings are, there are certain situations where repairs may be required. These can be done easily and quickly as needed, in much the same way the roof was applied in the first place.

Whether you’re looking to apply a new monolithic roofing system or repairing an existing one, our team of professionals are standing by to help ensure that your business – and your customers – are protected for many years to come.

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